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8/4/2016 Extrication When & Where It Counts

Extrication When & Where It Counts

Since it's inception in 1975, the North Bench Vol Fire District (NBFD) has strived to provide the best possible services to it's residents and visitors. In that proud tradition NBFD continues to expand and excel in our fire and rescue services.

Image On July Third of this year, the NBFD preformed its first Automobile Extrication, and it was not by any means a "normal" extrication, it was very complex and required the full attention of the Extrication Team to remove the injured person without additional injuries being sustained. For the past six months the members of the department have been training and preparing to deliver this valuable service to our area and around all of Boundary County, working with other departments and agencies. In May the department took delivery of hydraulic spreaders, cutters and rams, which are the corner stone's of required equipment needed to have the ability to rescue trapped persons from vehicles following moderate to high speed collisions. The act of removing trapped persons from wrecked vehicles is a type of art form, the team must understand the physics of the crash and the force needed to either move or cut away part of the vehicle to create space to removed the person, this comes with time and practice, practice and more practice. Many of our members have completed specialized advanced and heavy rescue courses, covering everything from sub compact cars to 18 wheelers and trailers, keeping them ready to respond when ever needed. NBFD Extrication team trains regularly to keep our skills sharp, and is always striving to deploy new tactics and techniques to serve our community.

Image Throughout the county, the NBFD, South Boundary Fire Protection District (SBPFD) and Boundary Volunteer Ambulance (BVA) work in unison to provide the best possible extrication services. For years BVA has been the sole provider for services throughout the area, as missions and organizational directions change, so then do the needs to the community. NBFD, SBPFD and BVA have been working together to develop Standard Operating Guidelines which mirror each other and will permit all agencies and departments to work side by side throughout the area providing the services.

The spreaders commonly referred to as the "Jaws of Life" can spread and lift over 20,000 pounds depending on the material being moved. These are used to force open doors and trunks utilizing hydraulic power units attached to the tool. The Cutters can cut through the hardest parts of the vehicle and can be used to remove roofs, steering wheels and can cut almost anything. The Rams are used to spread and lift areas which are wider than the spreaders can work. The Extrication Teams of the NBFD were very excited to take delivery of these tools, to offer these services to our communities.

The NBFD is constantly striving to add more and more services to meet the ever growing and ever changing needs of our coverage areas. Auto Extrication is just one example of our commitment to our communities and neighbors, please feel free to contact us if you have questions or would like to schedule a tour or demonstration of your NBFD capabilities.

- Tony Shope
Deputy Chief