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8/3/2016 New Tech To Help With Firefighter Response

New Tech To Help With Firefighter Response.

In June of this year NBFD applied for funds through the Idaho department of Lands Volunteer Fire assistance grant. This grant was for new fire pagers and was awarded in the full amount requested. In July NBFD took delivery of new Unication G1 pagers, these new pagers will replace our fleet of aging Motorola Minitor 5 pagers and come with many enhanced and improved features over their counter parts such as.


  • Improved reception
  • 64 channels and 8 presets (old pagers 2 channels and 4 presets)
  • Voice memo recording, used for witness statements and command notes
  • Face display for ease of use and functions
  • Waterproof, Dustproof, Shock and Impact resistant
  • Red color to help with pager identification
  • $20.00 per pager donated to the nation volunteer firefighters foundation for a total of $420.00
  • Multiple tone and alert options
  • 2 year warranty
  • New improved speaker is louder
  • Supports Bluetooth speakers and headsets

We are extremely excited and proud of our new pagers and look forward to years of service from them, as of August 1st the pagers have been distributed to all firefighters and are currently in use. NBFD will be working with local agencies and groups to ensure they will receive our older pagers, for some of these groups the pagers will be their first step towards a pager system and we are proud to assist them. Funding from state and national grant programs like this are pivotal to keeping our equipment up to date and safe, without these funds many agencies like ours would struggle to improve their current inventory and replace aging hardware and equipment. North Bench Volunteer Fire District would like to thank the Idaho Department of Lands in cooperation with the US Forest Service, for allowing us the opportunity to receive these grant funds and provide agencies like ours some much needed upgrades at a minimal cost.

- Gus Jackson
Fire Chief