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3/25/2014 Vial of Life Project

A simple program that saves lives.

Image North Bench Fire District in collaboration with Boundary Volunteer Ambulance, is proud to offer the community of the North Bench area the Vial of Life Program. With this free life saving program you can receive a Vial of Life sticker for your front door and resealable plastic bag with sticker and medication form to place inside of your home.

This simple program can save time and keep emergency responders up to date on the medications taken and prescribed in your household, it ensures that in the case you or a loved one become unconscious or are unable to remember your prescribed medications emergency responders can find and retrieve a list of current medications taken. This is provided to you at no cost and can be requested several ways, either with a phone call or home visit.

The North Bench Fire District does not keep any records or files of your name, personal information or list of medications taken, the form stays with you in your home or vehicle and is your private list for use in emergency situations.